Darenta is a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace connecting people who need to rent a private car with a vehicle owners.

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Our flagship cars

Holden Cruze
Australia, Melbourne
From 1011 ₽ / per day
Automatic transmission
Rent from 1011 ₽
Asia Rocsta
Georgia, Tbilisi
From 10103 ₽ / per day
Rent from 10103 ₽
Honda Mobilio
Georgia, Tbilisi
From 6062 ₽ / per day
Manual transmission
Rent from 6062 ₽
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What problem or unmet need are we addressing and for whom? People want to save money during the economical crisis goes on. Renters want to rent cars almost everywhere. Some people want to rent an unusual car.
What is your proposed solution? We have budget cars starting from EUR 15 per day! We are ready for cooperation with car owners from every city! We have amazing exclusive cars in our data base!
What’s different to what’s already out there? The company does differentiate itself from competition via geography. In Russia there is no social carsharing. The business idea is very different to what is available in the market. Earlier owners rented out their car via using very uncomfortable forums and boards. We are better and we will succeed where they failed, we have success, we have a big increase in customers, but we are working in other countries.
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